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Self-expression has always been something I struggled with. From a young age, I didn't see a purpose in fashion. I simply wore whatever because I believed all that mattered was what I saw. But all I saw was a kid who was struggling to find out who they really are and why they didn't have the strength to show it. 

Soon enough, I realized what I needed was a chance to look in the mirror and be more than satisfied with the person that was staring right back at me. From that day on, I devoted myself to fitness and fashion. Striving to attain the physique of my dreams and discover a style that was not only appealing to the public but to myself! I created this brand with the dream of creating a community of people I can educate in the ways of fashion and personal health. I know how it feels to be lost, I hope that by coming here we can help be one of the missing pieces to your puzzle